Hi, I'm Nicole  

I help pregnant vegans have an active and healthy pregnancy and learn about their birth choices so that they can feel confident and give birth to their babies on their own terms.

How I Can Help You 

The Ultimate Vegan Pregnancy Coaching Program 

Program Goals:

    • Generate a personalized birth plan so that you can look forward to confidently give birth to a healthy baby
    • Optimise your vegan pregnancy nutrition & supplements so that you know exactly what to eat so that your baby grows strong and healthy
    • Provide you with easy & fast vegan meal recipes that save you time in the kitchen
    • Guide you through pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing routines for the most natural and easy birth
    • Teach you how to breastfeed so that you can be confident from day one
    • Give you all the support you require to implement this system effectively so that you are well nourished and fully prepared to give birth on your own terms
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Other Services

Book An Aromatherapy Or Baby Positioning Session At Lisburn Chiropractic

For my local clients I offer hands on pregnancy massage sessions every Monday at Lisburn Chiropractic.

I can help you manage common pregnancy symptoms and I can support you in helping your baby into a better birth position.

Sessions take around one hour.

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1-to-1 online coaching

Dive deep into YOUR vegan pregnancy with personalized guidance on any aspect of your pregnancy. You decide!

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D. on receiving her food diary evaluation and sample meal plan

Oh wow Nicole!!! Thank you so much, that all looks amazing and makes so much sense.

I was so pleased at my iron levels in pregnancy and the midwives were impressed too!

Susie reflecting on how healthy her pregnancy was

Sheena after a few days of using her aromatherapy pain blend

I love the aroma bath salts and my pain has eased so much! At 38 weeks I didn't expect anything would help. Pleasantly surprised!

Wow Nicole, your work is amazing. I have been a very good student and if I didn't know any better, I would say baby is now head down!


after an online session to help her get baby turned - she was right!

Nicole Schlögel

Nicole is a midwife of 16 years who has helped hundreds of babies into the world and has served even more parents to be in their pregnancies.

She has been living a plant based lifestyle for 30 years, vegetarian first and vegan since the Summer of 2018. 

Nicole runs an aromatherapy for pregnancy and baby positioning clinic and is a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher. She still works as a midwife in the UK National Health System.

Nicole is passionate to spread plant based living one birth at a time.


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