How to deal with pubic pain in pregnancy

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Hi Pregnant Vegan,

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Today's blog is all about using an aromatherapy compress to help with pubic pain.

Pubic pain and low back pain affects as many as 70% of people at some stage in pregnancy. 

Why not try it?

For pubic pain in pregnancy try this blend:

30 g salt

2 drops essential german chamomile oil (matricaria chamomila)

2 drops essential lavender oil (lavendula angustifolia)

2 drops essential sweet marjoram oil (origanum marjorana)


For pubic pain in early labour try this blend:

30 g salt

3 drops of essential frankincense oil (boswellia carterii)

3 drops of essential may chang oil (litsea cubeba)


Just put the salt in an empty jam jar, add the oils, close the lid and shake. Use one tablespoon of the salt and put it into a bowl of very warm water.

Use a muslin cloth and a bath towel, both should be cotton. Tie the compress on with a scarf. 

Watch me demonstrate in the video!

A quick note on sourcing essential oils.

Essential oils are the essences of plant materials and are most commonly produced by steam distillation. As with all other forms of farming, you will want to look out for organic essential oils wherever possible in order to be kind to the planet and the creatures we share it with. 

Reputable essential oil producers will print the botanical name of the plant on the label. 

You will also be able to find out the method of oil production from a reputable retailer. 

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