Pregnancy Anxiety And How To Choose A Positive Mindset

birth preparation general pregnancy health Dec 15, 2021
Postive Mindset In Pregnancy

What was your first emotion when you found out you were pregnant?

For me, the overwhelming initial emotion was surprise.

After a while came excitement and love for this new life I was growing.

After that came the realisation that a pregnancy leads to parenthood and that that would change my life forever.


That took a while to process.

Amongst this rollercoaster of emotion were some downright scary and fearful thoughts. 

Mostly to do with my baby coming to harm.


Fear of doing something unknowingly that could hurt my unborn baby.  

Fear of my baby getting ill.

Fear of loosing my baby.

None of the fears were rational and there were days when I would allow myself to dwell in them and come up with many variations of worst case scenarios.

Then a little voice in my head told me this:

You get to choose your thoughts!

That was a game changer and it helped me keep a lid on my fears and move through my pregnancy with a positive mindset.

Over the last few weeks I have spoken to different clients who seemed to be stuck in fear.

Some were in early pregnancy, some were in the middle of it.

All of them were really eager for their midwife or doctor appointments so that they could either see the baby on ultrasound scan or hear the baby's heartbeat.

The truth is that there is no heart monitor or ultrasound scan that can protect you or your baby from what you fear most.

You know better than anyone else how your baby is doing.


Parenthood is a great initiation into learning to trust your intuition. 

You know your own body and you share a connection with your baby.

The problem is, the more frightened you are, the less in tune you are with your intuition.

The noise in your head gets louder than your inner knowing.

Here's how  to let go of your fears.

This very method helped me during my own pregnancy and many  times since:

❤️ Take time to become aware of your thoughts

Many of us are in reaction mode.

We are never really fully aware of what we are thinking. 

Take some time to pause.

What thoughts are you thinking?

Write them down.

Pick your most negative thought and turn it into its positive opposite.  

Write that down.


❤️ Talk about it

If there's a niggling doubt about something specific to do with your pregnancy Do Not Ask Dr Google!

Talk to a midwife.

Talk to your family and friends about what's on your mind. Often that process alone helps you get rid of negative thought patterns.

Many vegans I talk to are afraid that the choice to be vegan may harm their baby.
If that is you, let's get that one out of the way right here and now. 
It's simply not true, a well planned vegan diet is a healthy choice for you and for your baby!

❤️ Practice meditation

Finding stillness makes you feel connected with the source of creation, whatever that means for you.
The more connected you feel, the less afraid you will be.
Meditation helps you connect with your baby, too.
Your baby can let you know that they are okay.
Trust your instincts!

I encourage you to start a regular journaling and meditation practice. You will have a more enjoyable and connected pregnancy and be prepared for labouring naturally.

Would you like to know how I can help you have an active and mindful vegan pregnancy and create a personalised pregnancy plan so that you can look forward to a confidently giving birth to your baby?

Click this link to apply for a discovery call with me.

Lots of love,


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